Jack Darmody has worked in the field of photography since 1972. Jack served as an apprentice, for an Industrial, Portrait and Wedding Photographer, in Massachusetts. After three years and much experience under his belt, he headed west to California, where his first job as a managing/Photographer of a portrait studio in a high end Department store, gave him the business skill needed to move on. Several years later he moved to San Luis Obispo California where he worked as a freelance, then staff photographer for a publishing Company. Years later he opened a Studio and Gallery where he sold photographs of his work and others. In addition to the Art photography, Darmody, published hundreds of thousands of post cards and brochures, of local businesses. He studied the Metal-Chrome process developed by the late great photographer William Mortensen. Metal-Chrome is the chemical conversion of a Black and White Photograph, to a color masterpiece.

In 1990, Jack Darmody moved back to his native land of New England, and opened a studio in Westport Ma. Under the name of J. Thomas Darmody Photographer, creating Fine Portraits, Wedding and commercial images. He has to this date two on going Galleries of his Portraits at the University of Massachusetts, in the prestigious office of administration in Boston, and St. Anne+s Hospital Oncology Department in Fall River Massachusetts.

Presently he resides in Eugene Oregon, with his wife and family making return trips to the East Coast, to serve his many clients. Brown University, AAA, University of Massachusetts Trustee+s, St. Anne+s Hospital Oncology, Bank Five, and many more.

In 2006 Darmody began to make Impressionistic Images of some of his Family, then clients, and sceneries. Today his work with Impressionism is available to all photographer+s both Professional, and Amature. You can obtain a beautiful Impression of your work by visiting www.impressionsbyjackdarmody.com, and simply follow the instructions.